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The Story of Tzfat Gallery

The Tzfat Gallery is situated in the heart of the old city of Tzfat, amidst winding cobblestone paths that lead to the ancient synagogues of the Ari, Rabbi Yosef Caro and the Abuhav.

The gallery first opened in 1989 and from the start was influenced by the mystical atmosphere and rich history of the holy city of the Kabbalists.
Although we have expanded the gallery, we have retained the building's structure which, with it's stone archways, evokes the old city atmosphere of Tzfat.

Today we feature original art, fine and designer jewelry and Judaica of every description and for every taste.
In the last few years we have tapped the valuable resources of the Russian immigrant artist community and represent a number of these talents on the Israeli art scene.

We have enjoyed serving the tourists who find their way to us in Tzfat and now hope to be able to serve you through our internet site as well. We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our products.

Uri and Chani Ben Porat

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